In 2015 Self-With-Others training and DUENDE came unexpectadly into my life and offered me an artistic home and a big, colourful, multilanguaged and hyper-talented community of artists friends and collaborators. Since 2017 I teach SWO in small and big groups in Athens, at DUENDE’s international residencies in Lesvos,  at the DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre’ s annual based educational programme and SWO online teaching for English-speaking performers. This 6-year long exciting period of my life is, among other things, the richest and most heartful learning experience of my life.

‘Self-With-Others’ is the result of the practical work and experience of its creator, John Britton. He has been developing SWO through his work as actor, dancer, physical practitioner, improvisor, director, writer, academic and teacher since graduating from a Masters Degree in the UK in 1988.
Self-With-Others’ (SWO) is a psychophysical approach to training performers within ensemble. It is based on a simple, rigorous suite of interconnected principles, combining fixed exercises with structured and unstructured improvisation.
At the end of September launches in Athens the annual based performance training of DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre in collaboration with DUENDE’s Artistic Director dancer and choreographer Eva Tsourou and DUENDE Artist musician and performer Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou.
September 2021- June 2022
216- hours course
At the end of October launches in Athens the 8-week long course on Self-With-Others.
October – December 2021
24-hour course
At the beginning of November launches the 4-weeks long online Self-With-Others training in collaboration with DUENDE Artist performer and director Yorgos Styl.
November 2021 – March 2022
48-hour online course

At the beginning of October launches in Athens an early morning practice based on Self-With-Other approach for the early risers:

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