Thekla Gaiti

Personal Details

height: 1.64 cm weight: 50 kgr eye color: Brown performing age: 35-45



  • 2018, “The Hour of the Mayfly”, ensemble physical theatre performance, dir. J.Britton, Rabbithole theatre
  • 2018, “Under Control”, Fr.Sonntag, dir.Th.Chalkias, Thessaliko Theatre, Larissa city
  • 2017, “Concrete Sphinx and Brilliant Eyes”, site-specific ensemble physical theatre performance, dir. J.Britton, Art Factory
  • 2016, “Quintet ’84”, musical performance of physical theatre, dir. Ν.Stamatogiannopoulou, “Fournos” theatre
  • 2016, “First Love”, S.Beckett, physical theatre performance, dir. G.Mytilinos, Technohoros “Fabrica”
  • 2015, “A ridiculous dream”, ensemble physical theatre performance, dir. J.Britton, Art Factory theatre
  • 2015, “The basement above”, A.Andreadis, dir. V.Morfiadaki/G.Mytilinos, Technohoros “Fabrica” (Gabbie)
  • 2014, “The interpretation of dreams”, improvised performance, dir. Remy Bertrand, “Empros” theatre
  • 2009, “Persefoni”, J.Ritsos, physical theatre, dir. Α. Papageorgiou, theatre “enastron” (Dimitra)
  • 2008/09, “Wig”, adapted/dir. F. Bouraimis, theatre “Fournos” (Shila Hamilton)
  • 2005, “Facing death”, “Motherly love”, Αug. Strindberg, dir. G.Michalos, theatre “entropia” (Tereza, Helena)
  • 2003/04, “1922, the night of fire”, music-play production, dir. Ν.Perelis, theatre “Ilisia- Denisi” (girl, woman)
  • 2002/03, “Be my baby”, Amanda Whittington, dir. Ν. Kamtsis, theatre “topos allou” (Queennee)
  • 2002/03, “Olive reed to the winner”, children’s play, script/dir. Ν. Kamtsis, theatre “topos allou”




  • 2014-18, lead singer of trip hop experimental music band Perseus Dream,
  • 2013, “Love on the back”, personal concert, music stage “Endorphine”
  • 2012, singer of female acoustic band Las Chupras Harmas
  • 2010-12, founder member and lead singer of Klein Mein music band, concerts, Greek tour, tv appearances, LP release
  • 2009-2010, singer of progressive rock music band Spiral Meth


  • 2018: teacher or physical approach to voice, Duende residency “Performing at the Edge #7″(Lesvos, Greece)
  • 2018: teacher of Self-With-Others performing technique, 6th Jam of Arts (Halkidiki, Greece)
  • 2018: life modeling, model for photographer D.Nikolaou
  • 2017-18: life modeling, model for photographer A.Theologitis
  • 2016, “Le fort de fous”, feature film, dir. Narimane Mari, Assistant Director
  • 2010, “Inside her”, theatrical play, dir. G. Andreou, Assistant Director


  • Duende School of Ensemble Physical Theatre, 2015, 2017
  • “Veaki” Drama School, 1997-2001
  • National Music Conservatoire, contemporary singing, 1997-2005

Courses| Seminars

  • A.Vasiliev’s acting system (L.Filippova)
  • MUSA: Musical System of Acting (S.Karamesinis, A.Toubanaki)
  • physical theatre: metamorphosis (R.Prodromou)
  • body in rhythm (E.Morris)
  • performing at the edge: Duende summer residency, Lesvos, 2015-2017
  • ensemble physical theatre and voice (A.Dourmazer)
  • film acting (D.Panagokos)
  • voice for the actor (M.Gemetzaki)
  • theatre impro (Remy Bertrand)
  • improvisation (Improvibe, M.Prokos)
  • acting for theatre (D.Komninos)
  • acting in English/ Milton Katselas technique (S.Papadopoulos)
  • “practical aesthetics” – D.Mamet technique (G.Haratzas, K.Chrisaidou)
  • physical theatre(G.Bakalos)
  • chorus in ancient drama (Tomasz Rodowicz)
  • story-tellling in theatre (Μ.Μaratou, G.Karounis, Α.Κarazisis, Ε.Ligizos, C.Bentacor, S.Kakkalas)
  • acting/movement (Sotiqui Kouyate)
  • butoh dance (I.Garagouni)
  • aikido (A.Alevizos)


 Speaking languages

  • Greek (native speaker)
  • English (excellent)
  • Italian (basic)
  • French (basic)